Horny Hump Day # 3

It’s Wednesday, everyone! Half way through the working week….

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On to your weekly Hump Day post…

This Hump Day is taken from my latest short story, Purrsuasion, about a cheeky, underwear stealing cat, who helps two neighbours see that they’d be just purrfect for each other!

With a growl of pleasure, he captured her mouth again, kissing her so fiercely she felt dizzy from it. His tongue toyed with hers, brushing the sensitive roof of her mouth. Then he pulled back, nipping at her lips.

His hands stroked her back and one snaked around to her front. His hot palm slid up her ribcage and brushed her breast lightly. Even through the fabric of her bra, his touch set her senses ablaze.

“I love your breasts.” His gaze met hers and then dropped to watch his own hand fondle her nipple to a hard peak. “Your curves are fantastic.”

Constance thrilled at his words. She loved her curves; some men, like Adam, preferred a skinnier model.

Aaron gently pushed her chocolate cake aide and then lifted her up to sit on the worktop, his heated breath fanning the sensitive skin of her neck and chest, and she no longer cared what Adam did or did not want.

“Just a moment.” He quickly crossed to the sink and reached up to pull the cord that closed the venetian shutter style blinds. “I don’t want anything to interrupt this.” When he came back to her, he kissed her hotly, his hand once again stroking her breast until it felt full and heavy. “I’ve daydreamed about having you like this.”

This swarthy, heavenly package of a man had daydreamed about her? Constance’s stomach filled with joy and butterflies. “You do wonders for my ego.”

“Hopefully I’ll stroke more than your ego.”

Her heart thumped. It felt like it was in her throat. She could only nod as he kissed her again, the taste of him running through her system like a drug. His nimble fingers started on the first button of her dress, revealing her skin.

* * * 

If you enjoyed that, you can read more about Aaron, Constance and Jeffrey in Purrsuasion, one of the two stories in Love, Meow – a book about men who love cats!

Buy at Amazon

Buy at ARe



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Welcome Naomi Bellina – One Hot Cat!

Today I’m pleased to host wonderful author Naomi Bellina, with whom I share anthology Love, Meow.


Top Five Reasons to Date a Cat Shapeshifter!


Meet Nathan, a man turned into a lion shapeshifter against his will. He’s learned to live with the condition but he isn’t seeking a relationship. Who would want to be with a guy like him? Paige, that’s who. Even though they get off on the wrong paw, er, foot, once she gets to know him, she’s delightfully surprised. Not only is he sexy as hell, he’s smart and courageous. She sees so many good qualities in Nathan, especially after he helps locate her missing brother, she decides he’s the man for her.


If you ever find yourself in a similar situation, here are five good reasons to consider dating a cat shapeshifter:


1.  They’ve got your back. Your cat will protect you from danger, always. It’s what they’re good at and your shifter has a set of sharp claws and even sharper teeth to put at your disposal.


2.  Cats have nine lives. Even though your guy puts himself in danger, he’ll make it out of any situation alive. Unless he’s a total daredevil and uses up all his lives quickly, he’ll be around for  a long time.

image credit: mycutegraphics.com

3.  Cats land on their feet. Not only will he make it out alive, he’ll be ready to head off on the next adventure. Cats like movement and action so your shifter will be standing there with a smile on his face, ready to tackle the next fool who messes with him.


4.  They go after what they want. If they’re hunting bad guys, they will catch their prey. If he has his sights set on you, you’ll know it. Don’t try to resist.


5.  Cats are playful. After the serious work of hunting is done, it’s time for fun and games. Your shifter needs recreation and you will be the happy recipient of his attention.


Here’s information about One Hot Cat, one of the fabulous stories in Love, Meow.





Lion shifter cover titled A victim of revenge porn, Paige seeks help from a wickedly hot man with dangerous secrets.

When Paige opens her mail to discover naked photos she did not willingly pose for and a blackmail letter, she turns to her hot new neighbor, a detective, for help. If he finds her missing brother, she can pay back the scumbag who’s threatening her. Nathan agrees, only because Paige is connected to the man he’s trying to locate and he needs her information. As they track down her brother and a missing man with a gambling problem, passion flares between Paige and Nathan. Neither of them are ready for a relationship, but their bodies disagree and the two enjoy a lustful encounter. Though Nathan does not want to reveal his shape shifter identity, his temper gets the best of him and Paige discovers his true self. Can they work past the obstacles in their path and find their way to love?




He made them keep their lights off until they were in the cave, insisting he could see fine in the dark. Sure enough, he picked his way from a hidden spot where they had parked to the path that led to the entrance. Paige followed as best she could, knowing she slowed him down. It was uncanny how well he navigated in the darkness.


When she stumbled slightly, Nathan took her hand and led her the rest of the way. Though she tried to concentrate on their task, the feel of Nathan’s skin on hers sent her mind to another place. His hand was slightly rough and his grip firm. She’d done her best not to pay attention to him in any kind of sexual way, but it was no use. The man oozed sex appeal like cream from an éclair.


No way. No way would she act on this desire. He was just like all the other men she’d ever met, out for a good time, not wanting to make a commitment. Hell, the last man she’d allowed into her life just a tiny bit ended up raking her over the coals. Remembering the horrible photos sent a shudder through her body.


“Are you cold?” Nathan asked.


Not only could he see in the dark, his other senses seemed extraordinarily acute.


“No, I’m fine. Hey, I think we’re here.”


They easily climbed over the chain at the cave entrance and stepped inside. The smell of sulfur hit her immediately. She’d read about the healing properties of the water in this area and though vacationing at the spas was out of her budget now, she hoped to one day be able to enjoy the benefits of French Lick.


She flicked on the flashlight and looked around. The beam was strong enough to reveal a good portion of the cavern but she couldn’t see very far ahead. Far enough to know she was surrounded by rock walls.


“Let’s get out of here as soon as possible, okay?” she asked.




“Yeah, I am.”


“Shine your light here. I’ll be done in a minute.”


She directed the flashlight beam on Nathan and watched as he reached into his pocket and pulled out the vial and tool Sam had given him. He scraped the wall of the cave until the container was full.


“That’s good. Let’s go,” he said.


They were almost at the entrance when he stopped moving and put out his arm.


“There’s something out there.”


He shoved her against the wall and stood in front of her, covering her body with his.


“What are you doing? Get off of me!”


Like her anxiety level needed to be cranked up a notch further. It was stifling enough in the enclosed cavern, she didn’t need a large man crushed up against her.


“It’s probably just an animal. I don’t want it to pick up your scent,” he said and moved even closer.


She squirmed, trying to get free.


“What about your scent?” she asked, her voice muffled by his chest.


His hard chest that smelled really, really good.


“My scent will scare it away.”


“Oh, you’re so badass, animals run when they get a whiff of you? Back off, you’re squashing me.”


“Could you please be quiet for a few minutes?”


He eased away slightly but was still close enough she could feel his heart beat, and something else. Oh great. Just what this night needed.


Really? Was that really a hard-on pressed against her stomach? She was pretty sure they had the flashlights in their hands and no one had brought bananas along on this trip.


Should she say something, try to ease the tension? No, he’d just told her to pipe down. Wow, that was one hard cock. Would it get bigger?


Bad idea. Don’t. Leave it alone.


Paige couldn’t resist. Moving slowly back and forth and raising slightly, she rubbed against his pelvis.


Yep, it got bigger. Nathan sucked in his breath and moaned, low and deep in his throat. She wasn’t thinking about the walls closing in any more. The only thought in her mind was how good it would feel to have him inside her. Rising up higher on her tiptoes, she aligned her pelvis with his. Now when she rubbed, his erection hit her right on her clit and sent sparks of pleasure along her spine.


“What are you doing?” he growled in her ear.


There was no other word for it, he growled.


“You started it,” she said.


“I did no such thing.”


“Oh yes you did, pushing that hard cock on me.” Her breath came faster now as she continued to rub against him.


“It was an accident,” he said, but his hands were on her ass as he pulled her towards him.


So little light came in, her vision was nearly useless. All she was aware of was Nathan’s touch and his ragged breathing. That, and his scent, one she couldn’t identify but filled her nostrils and made her pussy clench. Was it possible to come like this?


Then his mouth was on her, lips hard and searching. Her arms went around his neck, fingers twining in his hair.


Holy shit, this man could kiss. Not awkward and painful, crushing her mouth, but demanding, coaxing a response from her. She gladly gave it, meeting his tongue with her own, eagerly exploring his mouth.


Suddenly, he stepped away.


“No.” Unlike the earlier throaty growls, this came out as an angry snarl. “We are not going to do this.”


WTF? Dazed with lust, Paige barely registered what he said but she knew that intensely delicious feeling of hot, hard man pressed against her had stopped.


“What’s wrong?” she asked, reaching for him.


He stepped away from her and flicked on his flashlight, shining it towards the floor of the cave.


“We have to go. Now.”




Thank you for reading! Grab your copy of Love, Meow at your favorite eBook seller.


Love, Meow buy links:


Jupiter Gardens Press
All Romance 
Barnes and Noble




Naomi Bellina

Provocative tales of love, lust, passion and magic







NaomiBellina Headshot Naomi lives in sunny Florida with the love of her life and a magical calico cat. She writes for various fiction and non-fiction markets but finds she is drawn to romance because her characters insist on canoodling and falling madly in love. So she lets them. Occasionally, however, they go to dark and strange places. She lets them do this also. Her interests include dancing, motorcycle riding, drumming, and creating healthy meals. She takes the opportunity to play and have fun whenever possible. Her motto:  Never pass up the opportunity to have an adventure!

Visit her at http://www.naomibellina.com/




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Horny Hump Day #2

Morning everyone, happy Hump Day – or not, as the case may be.

A sexy paragraph to cheer up your Wednesday…

His eyes smouldered into hers. “That’s not stupid.” He leaned in to kiss her, and then drew back, his gaze locked on hers. “Are you going anywhere with that hand?”

Kiersten’s palm still laid flat against his stomach, low down, almost entering his jeans. She swallowed. “Do you want me to?”

“Hell, yes.” His American accent roughened with desire. His gaze was hot with want and need.

Kiersten felt her own face heat in response. “All right,” she whispered against his mouth.

Her slender frame shook slightly with excitement as she lowered herself to her knees before him. When she looked up at him from her altered position, she saw that his gorgeous features were contorted with desire and anticipation. 

Image credit: www.weheartit.com

That paragraph was taken from my contemporary romance novel, Well Traveled.

ja_welltraveled_200120518_1140 Temporarily living in London to care for his ailing father, travel writer Wade is torn between his urge to globe trot and his love for his dad.

Enter broken hearted but free-spirited Kiersten. After a spilled cup of hot chocolate brings them together, Kiersten shows Wade that he doesn’t need to get on a plane to find places to explore. The city opens up before his eyes, and he starts discovering things about London – and about himself – that he never expected…





65,000 words, M/F pairing



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Midweek Recipe: Salmon & Vegetable Risotto

This is a super quick and easy midweek supper, when you get home from work, and dinner needs making, and you think: “nnnnnnnnnnnnnghhhh.” That.

Serves 2-3

2 cups arborio rice

2-3 salmon fillets, ready cooked

2 scallions

3 shallots

2 courgettes

2 cups veggie stock, or fish stock, homemade or bought

1 clove garlic

2 tbsp olive oil, for frying.


Chop the scallions, shallots, courgette into small pieces.

Set the oil in the pan. Crush the garlic and add it. After 30 seconds, add the vegetables.

When they start to go soft and fragrant, add the rice, one ladle at a time. After each rice addition, add one ladle of stock. When that is absorbed, repeat until the rice is soft, or if you prefer, just slightly al dente (with a bit of bite). Flake the cooked salmon and swirl around in the risotto.

Serve, preferably with garlic bread!



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Top 10 Tuesday – Bookish Confessions

My bookish  confessions – from a meme created by The Broke and the Bookish. Follow the link to join! :)

1. I have more books than I can ever read. I think my reading list and my TBR list now exceeds my lifetime, especially as my pesky job keeps getting in the way!

2. Reading is my favourite activity, I think even more favourite than writing! Sometimes I shock myself.

3. I love getting lost in books. I’ve let time slip away from me on many an occasion when the new Julie James arrives and I have to read it right that minute. However…

4. I am guilty of building up a book too much in my head. I have left books for months before, “saving” them for a special time, and then, when I get to it, of course the poor thing can’t usually live up to my massive expectations. Must stop doing this.

5. I read several books at once. If one is boring me, I’ll skip to another. I’ve “cheated” on countless books with other books, and I don’t regret it!

6. Sometimes I feel bad for wasting hours reading. But then I think – others spend hours playing video games, and is that any more or less worthy? We all work hard, so why not enjoy the free time that we’ve earned in the way we want to?

7. I’ve fallen in love with characters before. Murphy from Born in Shame stands out as the first character I ever properly loved. Just writing his name is making me want to read that novel again.

8. I try not to judge books by their covers. I know often the author has little or no input on their covers. But I hate it when the people on the cover in no way resemble the people inside. It irks me!

9. I love book recommendations. I’ll always add a book to my list if someone recommends it to me. It might take me some time to get to it, though….

10. Books with slapdash endings make me so angry. Like when the author creates a perfect storm of confusion, emotion and life struggles, and I’m on the edge of my seat wondering how it will all turn out… and then it was all a dram or similar. I hate easy fixes, they make me sad. As a writer, I understand how someone might write themselves into a corner by accident, but I’m sure there are multiple ways out of fictional scrapes!

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Horny Hump Day #1

Three sexy sentences to cheer up your Hump Day!

She clung to Rohan as much as he clung to her. They drowned in each other as he plundered her mouth, stroking the silky insides with his tongue. The tips of her breasts hardened and ached as she pressed them against his chest, the sensitive skin on her nipples stimulated by the terry robe she wore.



These are taken from A Wolf at Her Door, released December 2013. Find out more here!

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Midweek Recipe – Raspberry & Chocolate Tart

You will need:

1 x tart case (or make your own; I have no pastry skills and can’t be bothered)
Pack of raspberries
100g mascarpone
2 tbsp sugar
1 egg
1 bar whatever kind of choc you want, Lindt is very smooth and works well but I have also had good results with 34p, supermarket own-brand choc.



Preheat oven to 180 degrees.
Chop chocolate into small pieces; arrange on tart base. Arrange raspberries around choc. Cover whole of tart base if possible.
Put mascarpone, sugar and egg in large bowl. Using an electric whisk, blend until smooth. I guess you could use a normal whisk, but your hand will be very tired!
Pour egg mixture over tart base.
Bake for 20-25 minutes or until mostly golden on top.



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Two for Tuesday #3

Cover Art - StrongAsDeath

Another twenty yards and she’d be out of the darkness of the trees and almost to the sidewalk, within reach of the light from the streetlamps.

A figure stepped out from behind a large oak, directly into Ilona’s path.

Ilona stopped and searched for a way around.

“What are you doing?” a rough voice growled.

Ilona recognized it immediately, even before she registered Archer’s face.

“It’s none of your business what I’m doing,” she said.

He moved closer. “You’re making it goddamned impossible to protect you.”

“You can’t protect me.”

His jaw tightened, and he glared. “What in the hell do you think I’ve been doing?”

“I’m honestly not sure.”

His voice rose. “You’d be lying frozen dead in a gutter right now if it wasn’t for me. You saw what happened in the shelter—you’d have been attacked by now if I hadn’t been around.”

Her tone was quiet, calm. “I know how you scared them away.”

“I told you I have a talent for creating fear. It comes in useful.”

“But you don’t like it.”

He said nothing.

“And I know you’ve been around,” she said.

He raised his eyebrows as if she was being slow.

“Before you asked me if I was lost,” she said. “You were there—when the car hit me.”

His expression sobered.

She waited for a response.

Finally, he said, “I’ve been around.”

“Will you answer one question? And be honest?”

“I give as much honesty as I can.”

Her lips curved a little. That was perhaps the most honest response he had yet given.

She moved closer, and he backed away.

“No,” she said.

He stopped.

“When you turned the corner and asked if I was lost,” she said, “you leaned your shoulder on the wall. How did you do that?”

His eyebrows pulled together.

“You’re really good at it,” she said. “It took me awhile to realize you never actually touch anything, that you stay out of the light, that you don’t get cold, your breath doesn’t come out in puffs in the cold like everyone else’s, you never let anyone close, near enough to realize you have no scent, to feel the static when you get too close.”

He took a step back, as if in self-defense.

“Don’t try to lie anymore,” she said. “I know what you are.”

Strong as Death

by M.S. Kaye

Ilona runs from her sheltering mother in order to find the truth, why she’s seeing people who are invisible to everyone else. A mysterious boy named Archer guides her through Brooklyn and introduces her to Hendrick, the man who claims to be her father—though he died in 1890. Ilona must discover not only what she must do to rid the city of Soll, a sadistic and powerful spirit, but also what it means to be half ghost. She proves what her mother told her—love is stronger than death.

* * *

If you liked that excerpt and want to read more, you can buy Strong as Death from the following retailers:

Publisher (all formats): http://jupitergardenspress.com/shop/strong-as-death/

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B00KDIN5D8/ref=mp_s_a_1_4?qid=1400369357&sr=1-4&pi=AC_SX110_SY165_QL70

Barnes and Noble: http://m.barnesandnoble.com/w/books/1119548501?ean=2940149439164

Smashwords: https://www.smashwords.com/books/search?query=Strong+as+death

author pic Author Bio:

M.S. Kaye has several published books under her black belt. A transplant from Ohio, she resides with her husband Corey in Jacksonville, Florida, where she tries not to melt in the sun. Find suspense and the unusual at www.BooksByMSK.com.

Contact M. S. Kaye at:




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Midweek Recipe – salmon fishcakes

This week is a diet recipe. The husband and I are trying to cut down on carbs and as a result I’ve been eating about 7-8 of my five a day (do you guys have that in the States?).

Tonight we cooked a low fat, carb-free fishcake recipe that’s much healthier than the traditional fishcake recipe, as it cuts out fattening mayo (used to make fishcakes moist) and uses egg instead. Also sweet potato, used here instead of regular mash, is better for you.

Salmon and sweet potato fishcakes

You will need:

1 x sweet potato, handful frozen peas, 1 x tin of canned pink salmon, 1 egg, teaspoon coriander, 2 x garlic cloves, half a lime, salt and pepper.


1. Preheat oven to 190 degrees. See here for temperature conversions. Peel the sweet potato and cut into small chunks. Boil until soft, then drain and mash.

2. In a bowl, flake the salmon. Be careful to remove the bones. Mash it, then add the sweet potato.

3. Whisk the egg in a bowl. Add salt and pepper, then add the egg to the salmon and potato bowl, and mix well. Throw in the peas here. Crush the garlic and add. Add the coriander. Then zest the lime, and add both juice and zest to the main bowl. Mix all well.

4. Prepare a baking tray/oven tray by covering it in a sheet of tin foil. Grease the tin foil with spray cooking oil or by pouring a small dollop on and spreading it with your fingers/a pastry brush.

5. Shape the salmon mixture in 6 balls and gently flatten them until about 3-4cm thick. Bake for 10 minutes, then flip them over using a spatula, then bake for 8 more minutes. Enjoy with garlic mayo and a side salad.

* * *

If you want to read about a heroine who enjoys food as much as I do, check out my debut novel, Stranded, where our heroine, Rachel, is a keen baker.

 When Rachel Coles flew to New York to surprise the man she thought was her fiancé, coming face to face with his wife broke her heart. She needed a shoulder. So, she turned to a man she met by chance–handsome carpenter Will Norton. Together they turn her disaster into a short but magical holiday.

Will was attracted to the pretty brunette he met on the plane, and the fun sightseeing day they share only deepens his feelings for her. He’s just starting to regret never seeing her again when he learns Rachel’s had all her suitcase and purse stolen.

Now, as he offers her his guest room while she waits for a new passport, Will and Rachel find themselves struggling against a deep-rooted attraction that shows every sign of making itself permanent. The only trouble is, Rachel’s stay in New York will be anything but…








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Two for Tuesday #2 – CV Madison

My second TFT guest is CV Madison with her novella, The Layover.


Yes. Exactly like that. With that growl in his ear. All he could do was whimper and then moan in response. His skin tingled before the burn set in the pinked lines drawn on his skin. He wanted to prattle on about all the things he wanted. Most of the one night stands or summer loves he picked up were usually vanilla in their approach.

This, however. This scratched an itch, one he wanted filled with everything they could squeeze into one night. He wanted to hurt a little tomorrow to prove it hadn’t all been a very nice dream. He wanted those work-rough hands all over his body. More specifically, he wanted one of them on his ass and the other in his hair. Pull his head back, fill him full and fuck him hard. And once they’d had either a little sleep or a little rest, do it all over again

All the foreplay was damned good frosting on his kinky happy cake.

The Layover

Security expert and avowed city boy Reno Locke drops into The Meeting Place for a little loving to fill his off hours. Country boy Wilder Henderson swings through to blow off a little steam after winning a rodeo competition. Locke finds out this urban cowboy is just what he was looking for during his layover.

~ *** ~

If you liked that, you can buy The Layover at any of these retailers:





About the author: 


C.V. Madison is a licensed massage therapist, author, and gamer full of schadenfreude pie and Mountain Dew. She pens urban fantasy, horror and steampunk with a side of heavy romance. Her characters are straight, gay, all shades in between and some shades not even on the spectrum. She has been published in both fiction and non-fiction anthologies. Through the month of November, she can be found in local coffee houses, over caffeinated and armed with her trusty laptop as she strives to bang out 50,000 words in 30 days. Instead of writing, she can be found procrastinating on Twitter or playing any number of games.

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